Custom Components

Create your own logic components by grouping multiple logic gates into one, letting you better organize complicated circuits.

Component Properties Editor

Quickly and easily change the properties of components in your circuit, like rotation and number of inputs.

Easy copy/paste

Creating large circuits with repetitive structures is easy with the ability to copy and paste groups of components.

Gateway Simulator's Mission

The Gateway Simulator is designed to be an educational tool for those learning about logic gates and their applications. For this reason, I had two main objectives in mind when creating the software:

  • To create something that was very intuitive to use to encourage experimentation and learning. The software is user-friendly and contains many of the features that you are accustomed to from other software products, such as copy/paste, undo/redo and file-saving capability, so that designing a circuit is as easy and flexible as possible.
  • To encourage everyone and anyone, no matter your age or experience level, to just give it a try!  The software is offered at no cost, and is easy to download in both a Windows and Mac version.

Next Steps...

After you've had a chance to use the software, I'd love to hear your comments and feedback...